Horizontal Metric Rules by Screen Size & Resolution

ScrSizeResolutionPNG Image
2064010cm 316px rule
1864010cm 350px rule
1664010cm 394px rule
2080010cm 394px rule
1880010cm 438px rule
1464010cm 225px rule
1364010cm 242px rule
1680010cm 246px rule
20102410cm 252px rule
18102410cm 280px rule
1480010cm 281px rule
20115210cm 284px rule
1380010cm 303px rule
16102410cm 315px rule
18115210cm 315px rule
20128010cm 315px rule
20140010cm 344px rule
18128010cm 350px rule
16115210cm 354px rule
14102410cm 360px rule
18140010cm 383px rule
13102410cm 388px rule
16128010cm 394px rule
20160010cm 394px rule
14115210cm 405px rule
16140010cm 431px rule
13115210cm 436px rule
18160010cm 437px rule
20180010cm 443px rule
14128010cm 450px rule
20192010cm 472px rule
13128010cm 485px rule
14140010cm 492px rule
16160010cm 492px rule
18180010cm 492px rule
20204810cm 504px rule
18192010cm 525px rule
13140010cm 530px rule
16180010cm 554px rule
18204810cm 560px rule
14160010cm 562px rule
16192010cm 591px rule
13160010cm 606px rule
16204810cm 630px rule
14180010cm 633px rule
14192010cm 675px rule
13180010cm 681px rule
14204810cm 720px rule
13192010cm 727px rule
13204810cm 775px rule


  1. ScrSize - indicates actual physical diagonal measurement in inches of a display using standard 4/3 width/height ratio.
  2. Resolution - horizontal screen resolution in pixels.
  3. PNG Image - images made at indicated screen size and resolution, useful for measuring on screen objects 10 cm wide.

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