Felix's Semi-Random WWW-Related Bookmarks

  1. Use font-size: 100% !important, by Terrill Thompson
  2. A Dao of Web Design, by John Allsopp
  3. The Essence of the Web, by Stephen Poley
  4. Publishing on the Web Is Different, by Jukka Korpela, originally on 1997.05.30
  5. The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard
  6. Access Matters, Bob Easton blog
  7. Low-Contrast Text Is Not the Answer, by Katie Sherwin
  8. Accessify.com
  9. Accessites.org, Accessible, Usable, Universal, & Stunning Web Designs
  10. Dive Into Accessibility, by Mark Pilgrim
  11. 456 Berea Street: Between Web Standards Boulevard & Accessibility Road
  12. Evaluating Website Accessibility, on 456 Berea Street
  13. High Accessibility Is Effective Search Engine Optimization, on A List Apart
  14. Accessible Web Page Design, resources resource
  15. SiteMorse, compliance, function, performance and accessibility (WAI) testing
  16. How To Maximise Text Readability, on Skills for Access
  17. UsabilityExchange, dedicated to improving website accessibility and usability
  18. Policies Relating to Web Accessibility, on W3C/WAI
  19. Introduction to Web Accessibility, on WebAIM
  20. Webcredible, web usability & accessibility consultancy
  21. Accessibility First - A Novel Teaching Method, on The Web Standards Project
  22. Web Man Walking, web design & usability experts
  23. Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University
  24. Usability.gov, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  25. Usability News, top usability stories
  26. How People with Disabilities Use the Web, on W3C/WAI
  27. Applicability of the ADA to the Internet, on WebAIM
  28. Making Your Web Site Senior Friendly
  29. What size monitor screen or browser window should I design for? on All My FAQs Wiki
  30. What screen resolution should I design for? on boutell.com
  31. The Myth of 800x600, on Dr. Dobb's
  32. What resolution should I design for? on the alt.html FAQ
  33. For what screen size should I write?, on (WDG) Web Authoring FAQ
  34. How do you detect "Large Fonts"?, (It's the system DPI setting)
  35. DejaVu open source TTF fonts
  36. Proposed Change to CSS3 Module: Fonts, <absolute-size> Subsection, from Felix Miata
  37. So, What Size and Type of Font Should I Use on My Website?, Usability News - 2.2 - 2000
  38. More About Fonts, UI Design Newsletter - February 2002
  39. Points, pixels, ems, and the Web, Todd Fahrner correspondence dump
  40. In Search of the Perfect Font, Julia Kulla-Mader INLS 181 Final Project
  41. Text Matters, information design and consultancy
  42. Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web, a practical guide to web typography
  43. Typography, on Web Page Design for Designers
  44. About Points and Pixels as Units, by Henri Sivonen
  45. X Server DPI, by Billy Biggs
  46. Browse Happy - Online. Worry-free
  47. Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005, by Jakob Nielsen
  48. Juicy Studio: Colour Contrast Analyser
  49. Digital Web Magazine
  50. In search of the One True Layout, by Alex Robinson
  51. Elastic Design on A List Apart
  52. Don't Meet Your Heroes, the CSS & web standards news compilation site
  53. FirstGov.gov for Seniors, topics about and for senior citizens
  54. QuirksMode - for all your browser quirks
  55. On having layout, the concept of hasLayout in IE/Win
  56. WhatIsMyIP.com, the easiest way to determine your IP address
  57. Wayback Machine internet archive
  58. Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer, by DJ Delorie
  59. W3C CSS Validation Service
  60. W3C HTML Markup Validation Service
  61. Mac Screenshot Compatibility Test, on browsercamp.com
  62. Mozilla Developer Center
  63. Opera Software beta downloads
  64. Re: How Do I Propose a CSS3 Spec Change? from Ian Hickson
  65. Reply-To Munging Considered Useful, on MetaSystema.Net
  66. HTTP Status Codes, like 200, 304, 404, 401, 403
  67. How do I make my own Error Documents instead of the default ones like "404 Not Found"?
  68. Free log file analyzer for advanced statistics, by AWStats
  69. Dynamic Content with CGI, Apache Tutorial
  70. Web Development Bookmarklets, by Jesse Ruderman
  71. Learning JavaScript, dolphinling's blog
  72. JavaScript Browser Sniffer, on WebReference.com
  73. Nice titles, pretty titletips via CSS & JS
  74. Only two things are infinite, the universe and ..., by Albert Einstein
  75. Felix's Frequent Copy to Paste Bookmarks

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