I like answering questions. But, in order to do so I must:

If a question arises as a result of what you have read on this site, please feel free to ask. Understand that if I don't understand the question or I don't know it resulted from something you read here, I likely won't acknowledge your email.

Also keep in mind that email is considerably less than 100% reliable. If you ask something reasonably expecting an answer and haven't received one after a week or so, reread your question, and if you think the question is clear and answerable given the constraints herein, try sending it again.

Some questions may be better asked elsewhere or in addition. The newsgroup rec.autos.rotary is one good place. Also, there are several RX-7 mailing lists as well as mailing lists for Miata and generic Mazda. How to access these is provided here.

Here are some questions that will NOT be answered:

There are others. When I think of them, I'll add them to this list.

Please remember that it is rude to send anyone unsolicited email that includes large attachments, like image or sound files. Doing so amounts to SPAM. If you have something large you would like to share, please request permission first.

Suggestions are also welcome.

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